Cosmetic Dentistry in Wilmington DE

dental patient smiling laying in dental chair I cosmetic dentist in wilmington deWe provide quality, comprehensive cosmetic dentistry that can repair the flaws in your teeth and give you the natural, healthy and great-looking smile you’ve always wanted. Our team can walk you through our highly-effective cosmetic treatments and help you determine which procedure(s) may be the most appropriate for your teeth and your budget.

One way to dramatically improve your smile is with our zirconia crown placements. Custom-made to fit over damaged or decayed teeth, zirconia crowns provide an effective and natural-looking alternative to crowns made from porcelain, ceramic or gold.

Zirconia crowns are far superior to porcelain crowns in terms of durability, strength and overall appearance. Porcelain crowns have been known to chip over time, while zirconia crowns are virtually indestructible, providing patients with strong, great-looking teeth that will last for years to come.  

dental patient sitting up in dental exam chair I cosmetic dentistry at bruce matthews ddsAnother great cosmetic treatment we offer is Lumineers. Lumineers offer a fast, comfortable and convenient alternative to traditional veneers, and we can provide you the complete Lumineers treatment in just 2 simple visits. We will develop a precise mold of your teeth, which is then used to create a set of flawless ultra-thin veneers that Dr. Matthews will place over your teeth. This quick and non-invasive procedure involves no pain and helps to quickly and easily correct any imperfections or discoloration in your smile.

Bonding is also a powerful and easy way to fix the chips, cracks, gaps and other irregularities in your teeth. Made from a composite resin that matches your teeth’s enamel, the bonding material is used to fill in or repair the areas you need fixed. The material is then quickly hardened and shaped by Dr. Matthews to resemble the look and texture of your teeth, improving the symmetry and beauty of your smile.

If you’re interested in the many benefits of our cosmetic dentistry services, contact us today!