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What Makes Six Month Smiles Different from Regular Metal Braces?

Clear Braces With Clear Brackets

If you are in the market for a straighter, more beautiful smile, you have multiple orthodontic treatment options available to you. Dr. Matthews and his team offer several choices to cosmetically improve your smile right here in our Wilmington, DE office — without the need to treat separately with an outside orthodontist.

One treatment option we offer our patients is the Six Month Smiles Program. Six Month Smiles differs from traditional metal braces in several ways:

Length of Treatment: As the name implies, Six Month Smiles provides patients with a straighter smile in an average of six months. The length of treatment for Six Month Smiles wearers typically falls within the four ...

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Let's Talk about Six Month Smiles

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Most adults who have crooked or crowded teeth would rather go without treatment than put up with a mouth full of metal. But the days are long gone when metal braces were your only option.

We have seen some really incredible advances in dental materials and technology in recent years. This has led to improvements in just about every area of dentistry, including our approach to orthodontic treatment. Today you have the option of choosing Six Month Smiles, a fast treatment that will allow you to enjoy a straighter smile in as little as six months.

What Makes Six Month Smiles Different?

  • Most adults who seek orthodontic treatment do not want or need ...

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