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3 Reasons You Should Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

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Whitening your teeth is an excellent way to upgrade your smile quickly. However, with so many whitening products available at your local supermarket or drug store, why should you choose professional whitening with your dentist in Wilmington, DE?

Great question! Over-the-counter (OTC) products may seem more cost-effective at first, but in the long run, they may end up costing you more time and money if you're not able to achieve your desired results. Here are some reasons you should consider choosing a professional whitening treatment with your dentist.

Professional Whitening Gel Is More Effective

Your dentist has access to much stronger whitening gel than you can purchase at the store. Using better gel ...

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What to Expect with Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Trays | Cosmetic Dentist Wilmington DE

If you’re self-conscious about yellowed or stained teeth, professional teeth whitening can help you feel confident about smiling again. Since teeth discoloration is so common, teeth whitening has become a popular way to quickly and easily improve your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening systems are higher quality than home kits, which can sometimes irritate sensitive teeth and gums and provide only short-term results. A professional bleaching system gives you a more noticeable, long-lasting effect that is safe and fast. If you’re looking to renew your smile with teeth whitening in Wilmington, DE, read on to learn more about what to expect.

Why Teeth Become Discolored

You may already know about the external causes of ...

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How to Get the Best Results from Flossing

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If you are flossing daily, pat yourself on the back! A survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicates that only 30% of Americans do!

Taking the time to floss your teeth properly is an investment in your oral health. And we’re not talking about a huge commitment of time – brushing and flossing should take about five minutes a day, tops.

Tips to Get the Most from Flossing

The key though is to get the most out of your efforts by following proper techniques that keep your teeth clean and healthy. Here are a few tips that will help you floss like a pro:

  • Make sure you are flossing both sides ...

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What Happened to my Beautiful White Teeth?

Woman Covering Her Teeth | White Teeth Picking Up Stain

Has your smile lost its sparkle? Are you embarrassed by stained or discolored teeth? You take good care of your teeth and follow proper oral hygiene, so what’s going on?

Teeth can lose their bright appearance for a number of reasons. It’s not always possible to prevent this from happening, but professional teeth whitening can restore your smile to its beautiful, youthful appearance.

So Where do Those Stains Come From, Anyway?

There are basically two types of staining:

Extrinsic Stains

Extrinsic stains sit on the surface of your teeth and are the result of habits you can control. These stains occur when you consume stain-producing foods and beverages like coffee, dark teas and ...

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Look at Those Pearly Whites!

Teeth Whitening | Woman Smiling

Ever wonder how movie stars get those bright white smiles?  Sure, most of the brightness they get is just from regular checkups and cleanings, but what if you wanted to get that extra white smile?  There are certainly plenty of options to choose from and that's why we're here!  Whitening and bleaching can take many forms and can vary in the results.  Generally, teeth that are yellow will benefit greatly whereas teeth that are naturally more gray may not bleach well.  Whitening toothpastes are a great place to start, but will usually only remove surface stains on the tooth.  At home bleaching (Crest Whitestrips for example) will work better, however ...

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Is Chocolate Good For Your Teeth?

Sweets Assorted On A Table | Is Chocolate Good For Teeth

This time of year is full of sweets and candies and chocolates, which can lead to cavities and an upset tummy if we aren't careful.  BUT, there is some good news!  Scientists have recently developed a toothpaste made with a compound derived from the sweet goodness known as chocolate.  One of the active ingredients of the toothpaste, theobromine, is found in chocolate and has been shown to help remineralize enamel and decrease sensitivity, all without fluoride.  Don't start brushing with chocolate quite yet though, I'm not sure that has the same effect......

Until next time!

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