Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS

What kind of teeth whitening system do you use?  Will it be OK for my sensitive teeth?

Teeth Whitening Wilmington DEAny of the teeth-whitening systems can cause sensitivity.  Basically, all of the systems employ an acid based bleaching solution to whiten your teeth. Fluoride treatments are part of our bleaching process, as this has been shown to not only strengthen the teeth, but to also decrease sensitivity.

Our Whitening Options

Here, at Matthews Dental Associates, we employ a tray system which is worn approximately an hour a day with a bleaching solution that is tailored to your level of sensitivity.  This tray system is not a one-day bleaching system, but over all achieves the same result with a lower level of sensitivity.  

For more information on our teeth whitening system, call Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS at (320) 475-9220. 


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