Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS

How can tooth-colored fillings improve my smile?

You’re probably familiar with silver, or amalgam fillings. While this type of tooth filling does its job and is still in use today, most people prefer not to draw attention to their fillings. That’s why tooth-colored fillings are so popular using dental bonding in Wilmington, DE.

Dental bonding is a technique dentists use to fix a variety of dental flaws. By applying a strong composite resin material to a tooth and shaping it before it hardens, dentists can fix tooth chips, gaps, cracks, and more.

Dentists often use this same material for tooth-colored fillings. While most people are probably familiar with silver fillings, it’s no longer necessary to bring attention to your dental work. Tooth-colored fillings are durable and more aesthetically pleasing than silver fillings, and the process is very similar.

Your dentist will numb the tooth area with a local anesthesia and prepare the tooth by cleaning out any remaining bacteria. Next, your dentist will apply the dental bonding material to the tooth. After it hardens, your dentist will check your bite and file down any high areas if needed. 

When you leave the dental office, you’ll have a tooth filling that no one can see, not even you!

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