Intra-Oral Cameras in Wilmington, DE

couple smiling outside near Wilmington, DE dentistAt the Wilmington dental practice of Bruce Matthews, DDS, our commitment is to provide our patients with the latest dental technology to deliver dental procedures that are more comfortable and efficient. Another way that we enhance your dental experience is with intra-oral cameras. State-of-the-art, small, and pen-shaped, the intra-oral camera captures full-color pictures inside your mouth that allow you to see exactly what your dentist sees during an examination so you can have a better understanding of your dental treatment needs. We want you to be our active partner in achieving optimum dental health.

How Does an Intra-Oral Camera Work in Wilmington, DE?

The intra-oral camera captures high-quality photos of your teeth and the inside of your mouth that are sent directly to a television screen in your treatment room. Your dentist in Wilmington, DE utilizes the camera to take photos of your teeth and gums to highlight possible or existing dental issues so they can explain your treatment options and help you select the procedure that best fits your needs.

The intra-oral camera allows you to understand the problem areas in your mouth better since you can see tooth decay or fractures up close for yourself. Understanding why specific treatment procedures are necessary can help to eliminate any concerns or fears you may have about your dental treatment or particular types of procedures.

When Does My Dentist Use the Intra-Oral Camera?

Your dentist in Wilmington, DE uses the intra-oral camera most often for incoming new patients. We take a full series of photos of your teeth and mouth to evaluate the state of your oral healthWoman smiling at dentist in Wilmington DE, and we’re happy to share these with you.

This is very helpful for new patients who may be planning for the treatment they need now or in the future. It also allows our dentists to review all possible treatment options and their pros and cons. You might be surprised to learn that you have different treatment options to choose from, and we want you to make the final decision on the dental procedures that will best fit your lifestyle, budget, and goals for your smile.

Your Wilmington dentists may also use the intra-oral camera when diagnosing an emergency situation so you can play an active role in your own dental treatment and oral health.

Seeing how your tooth is fractured or decayed may help you make a better choice on the best treatment solution.

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