Digital Computerized Images in Wilmington, DE

Patient receiving a digital dental x-ray at Wilmington DE dentist officeMany patients wonder why dental x-rays are necessary, and if they are safe. We're here to assure you that they are both safe and an invaluable tool for your dentist. Your dentist in Wilmington, DE uses computerized digital images, which are a more reliable and more accurate alternative to traditional dental x-ray technology used in the past.

Digital computerized images provide us with more comprehensive pictures of your teeth and gums and make it easier to determine the best treatment options for you. With a brighter, more precise image, our dentists can diagnose certain conditions earlier and with more accuracy than with traditional x-rays taken in the past.

Are Digital Computerized Images Safe?

Our digital imaging system provides patients with 90 percent less radiation exposure than traditional x-rays. You are likely to receive more radiation from a day spent outside in the sun than from your dental x-rays.

Digital technology also eliminates the need for second attempts at capturing your x-ray because of its ease and efficiency. Because the image is immediately transmitted to our computer after we take it, your dentist can then enhance the image to better see the area of concern without the need for another attempt. This makes digital x-rays extraordinarily efficient and an invaluable tool for our dentists to make the best diagnosis.

Digital x-rays also pose no threat to the environment since they don’t require any chemicals for development. We are proud to do our part in reducing our footprint on the planet.

The Benefits of Comfortable Computerized Images

Your Wilmington, DE dentist uses a small, non-invasive sensor to capture the image and send it directly to our computer system, allowing for more efficient storage of your dental history and easierDentist in Wilmington DE looking at digital computerized images access to it in the future. The sensor is small and fits easily into your mouth, so the process of taking your digital x-ray is comfortable for you.

Having digital x-rays readily available to your dentist is essential and invaluable because it allows us to compare and evaluate images from any point in your dental history. Using this information, we can determine both the potential for future dental problems or the progress of specific conditions like tooth decay or gum disease we may have been monitoring.   

Patients who are experiencing a dental emergency also enjoy the benefits of having an x-ray readily available. When you are in pain, you need relief as soon as possible, and digital images allow our dentists to quickly diagnose the problem and deliver same-day treatment in most cases, to get you feeling comfortable again in the fastest manner possible.

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