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Developing Positive Oral Care Habits in Children

January 31, 2017
Posted By: Bruce E. Matthews, DDS, PA
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We all know that brushing and flossing are important, as well as visiting the dentist for those regular cleanings and checkups. However, actually keeping up with those oral care habits can be difficult. Instilling great habits in your children from a young age can make a big difference in their success later on in life as well! Here are some tips on getting them on the right track early: 

What You Can Do

  • Visit the dentist: Visiting the dentist starting at a young age (as young as 6 months), can help your child feel more comfortable at the dentist. It's so common to see patients who feel anxiety about dental care, so making them feel comfortable with this process regularly from a young age is one of the best ways to create great habits. 
  • Lead by example:  Of course, this applies to many areas of teaching your children, but one of the best ways you can instill great habits is to lead by example. Brush and floss your teeth with your kids, and show them how to do it correctly! Brush often, and take the time to make it fun for your child as well, so they actually enjoy it. 
  • Teach them to check: Teach your kids how to check for cleanliness on their own teeth. This helps to ensure that they know what clean teeth are supposed to feel like and can strive for that goal. If the teeth feel nice and smooth when you run your tongue across them, you've cleaned them well!
  • Healthy eating:  The food that we eat can make a huge difference in our oral health. Teaching your kids about good eating habits, and eating well alongside them, is a great way to keep their oral health in check, as well as their overall health! Help your child avoid a sugary diet at a young age so that they don't crave so much sugar as they grow!

It can be difficult to instill great oral health habits in your child, but it's worth the hard work! Tooth decay is one of the biggest issues in children today, and even baby teeth cannot go untreated, so you want to make sure that they stay healthy, and try to prevent those serious issues from occurring at all! 

Give our office a call today for more information! We look forward to working with you and your child to achieve great oral health!

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