Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS

What Are Intra-Oral Cameras?

January 28, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS
Dentist Checking Teeth With An Intra-Oral Camera

Sometimes when a dentist is trying to explain procedures and diagnosis, it can seem like another language to their patients. Without a visual walk through it can be difficult to understand what your dentist is trying to describe. With intra-oral cameras we can show you on a screen exactly what we are talking about so you can see the condition of your teeth the way we do. At Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS we use the intra-oral camera to better inform our patients so they feel comfortable with their dental care.

Intra-oral Camera

The intra-oral camera is a small digital camera that looks like a pen. It connects to our computers and overhead televisions so you can watch while we examine your mouth. It also has an LED light to help us locate cavities, chips, cracks, and other dental concerns that can be difficult to see. By using the intra-oral camera, you can see the dental concerns with your teeth as we describe them to you.

Benefits of an Intra-oral Camera

More accurate – Having the camera will help us to give more accurate diagnosis and have a digital copy so we can keep better track of your dental health. In cases of tooth decay and gum disease it will provide us a more efficient way to tracking if your oral health is improving or not.

Instant – With the intra-oral camera we can show you more thorough pictures of your teeth and gums immediately. You can also watch as we examine your teeth and during dental treatments and procedures so you know exactly what is being done.

Patients stay informed – When you can see exactly what we see, it can help us to work out a treatment plan together. When you and your dentist are both on the same page it will make you both feel more comfortable going forward.

Care You Can Trust

By using the intra-oral camera, it allows our patients to have more trust in our diagnosis and treatments. If you live in the Wilmington, DE area and would like to know more about the advantages of having an intra-oral camera and how it allows us to provide you with more efficient dental care, please contact our office today!

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