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Awesome Benefits of a Family Dentist

April 21, 2022
Posted By: Bruce E. Matthews, DDS, PA Team
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Choosing the right family dentist in Wilmington, DE, is just as important as picking the right physician. First, you want someone with experience. You want someone who can treat your entire family, from youngest to oldest.

Let’s Look at the benefits of having a family dentist.

4 Benefits of a Family Dentist for Your Loved Ones

#1 Experience Across All Age Groups

An experienced family dentist sees patients of all ages all day long. They can quickly move between a little smile and the needs of a senior adult with ease. A family dentist stays with you as your family evolves and their needs change. You’ll never have to worry about seeing anyone else.

#2 Convenience for Busy Families

Today’s families are busier than ever, so we work to see yours on the same day! No more driving across town on multiple days to ensure that everyone gets their care. With us, it’s typically one day reserved for everyone.

#3 Family History in One Location

When one dentist sees your entire family, they are familiar with conditions that may be generational. For example, is there a history of gum disease? When your dentist knows your family’s history, it allows us to be vigilant in their care. Additionally, if you need dental records for a move, transfer, or referral, everything is digitally kept in a single location.

#4 Less Anxiety for Little Ones

Children coming to the dentist for the first time may feel anxious. However, knowing that other family members have been to the same dentist and enjoy their time in the chair can instill confidence in younger patients.

Contact Your Family Dentist in Wilmington, DE

We offer everything your family needs to achieve healthy smiles and maintain them for life. If you have questions about our services or are ready to schedule exams for yourself and your family members, give us a call today.

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