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Three Benefits of Invisalign You Might Not Have Thought About

July 5, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS
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In our Wilmington, DE office, Invisalign is a popular orthodontic choice for many of our patients. While it’s true that people often prefer Invisalign aligners due to their subtle, nearly invisible appearance, the benefits go far beyond the color of the dental trays.

Read on to discover three additional benefits of Invisalign you may not have previously considered:

Invisalign Does Not Stain Your Teeth  

Most patients know that Invisalign aligners help disguise the presence of orthodontic hardware due to the clear plastic used. But have you ever considered the additional ways in which Invisalign helps keep your pearly whites white?

When traditional braces are placed, discoloration or staining can often occur around the site of the brackets and wires, particularly if the braces must be worn for extended periods of time. Also, routine brushing and flossing becomes more difficult due to potential interference of wires and brackets, which can make your teeth more prone to common stains from food and drinks.

Because Invisalign trays are completely clear and do not adhere to your teeth through the use of glue or other bonding, they do not cause discoloration. Additionally, the trays can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.

Invisalign Means Fewer Trips to the Dentist’s Office

Metal braces require a significant amount of upkeep, and regular visits to your dentist or orthodontist are crucial for maintaining proper treatment. With Invisalign trays, however, there is no tightening or adjusting required, and Dr. Bruce Matthews can often provide several sets of trays at one time to help minimize your trips back and forth from the office.

Invisalign appointments are also typically much shorter than appointments for typical metal braces, as there is no manual manipulation required.

Invisalign Is Gentler on Your Teeth and Gums

An often-overlooked benefit of Invisalign is the overall increased comfort level patients experience when compared to wire braces.

Invisalign trays are made of smooth plastic that’s customized to conform to the shape of your teeth like a mouth guard. Traditional wire braces and brackets often contain sharp edges that can poke, cut, and irritate teeth. Because Invisalign trays do not permanently attach to teeth or rub up against gums in the same way metal braces can, there is less wear and tear on the mouth.

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