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Does Flossing Come Before or After Brushing?

June 20, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS
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You may already know how important daily brushing and flossing can be to your overall oral health. But, does the sequence of your oral hygiene routine make a difference? Which comes first, the brushing or the flossing? Believe it or not, it does make a difference, and we're here to help you understand why. 

Floss First, or Brush First? 

We recommend that you floss before brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Doing so will help mitigate the risk of developing cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues.

Recent studies have shown that flossing before brushing is more effective for removing plaque and tartar. Flossing removes food particles and dislodges debris from between teeth, and brushing with fluoride toothpaste cleans the teeth and protects them against cavities. Flossing before brushing also helps increase the likelihood of fluoride toothpaste doing its job of strengthening tooth enamel and fighting decay. 

If you brush before you floss, the particles and debris dislodged from flossing can remain in your mouth until the next time you brush. However, if you floss and then brush, the brushing removes these particles from your mouth, and there’s less dental plaque, which can lower your risk of developing gum disease. 

How to Keep Your Smile Healthy 

Having a healthy smile means more than simply brushing and flossing every day. To keep your teeth and gums in great condition, you must also visit your dentist for regular checkups and teeth cleanings. Typically, patients visit us for their routine exams twice a year, but the frequency of your visits depends on your unique oral health needs. During your exam, we will check for any abnormalities or signs of decay or disease, as well as take x-rays, clean your teeth, and offer any additional treatment that’s needed. 

Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Wilmington, DE 

The dental office of Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS helps patients of all ages protect their teeth and gums from decay and disease. Not only do we treat oral health issues, but we also strive to prevent them before they show up in the first place. However, your oral health care doesn't end when you leave the dental office. It’s also important that you do your part to keep your smile healthy. 

To learn more about how to keep your dental health on track, please don’t hesitate to contact our Wilmington, DE dental office. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the dental office of Dr. Bruce Matthews! 

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