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How to Get the Best Results from Flossing

September 24, 2017
Posted By: Bruce E. Matthews, DDS
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If you are flossing daily, pat yourself on the back! A survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicates that only 30% of Americans do!

Taking the time to floss your teeth properly is an investment in your oral health. And we’re not talking about a huge commitment of time – brushing and flossing should take about five minutes a day, tops.

Tips to Get the Most from Flossing

The key though is to get the most out of your efforts by following proper techniques that keep your teeth clean and healthy. Here are a few tips that will help you floss like a pro:

  • Make sure you are flossing both sides of your teeth. The floss should be in a “C” shape as you work one side, then the other before moving on to the next tooth.
  • Use a new length of floss for each tooth. Floss works by capturing the plaque to remove it from your tooth. Using the same length of floss over and over means you are just spreading more plaque around to other teeth.
  • Don’t force floss between your teeth. It can be tricky to work in between crowded teeth, and if you force the floss, it may snap and cut your gums, causing more damage.
  • Develop a plan for flossing. You want your flossing to be efficient so come up with a plan that covers one area of your mouth at a time until all your teeth are clean. Not having a plan can lead to sloppy habits and less than optimal results.

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