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The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleanings

December 13, 2021
Posted By: Bruce E. Matthews, DDS, PA Team
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Even if you brush and floss your teeth after every meal, it is not enough to fully protect your oral health against cavities and tooth decay. Of course, we’re thrilled that you’re brushing and flossing regularly, but there is still more to be done!

Your Wilmington, DE Dentist Recommends Preventive Checkups

Your dentist—like most dentists—recommends two dental checkups every year to prevent cavities, gingivitis, gum disease, and sudden oral infections. We encourage you to brush and floss your teeth twice every day or following each meal between these dental visits.

The reasons dental checkups and teeth cleanings are so important are many:

  • Regular checkups allow your dentist to diagnose emerging conditions before they pose significant risks.
  • Preventive exams are an ongoing evaluation for oral cancers, nocturnal teeth grinding, and changes in oral health.
  • Teeth cleanings rid your mouth of stubborn bacteria and tartar that your toothbrush can’t reach or can’t manage—these are the ingredients that cause tooth decay and more.
  • Teeth cleanings are an excellent chance to ask questions about your oral health, including toothbrush preferences and areas in your mouth you may be missing with the floss.

What Happens During a Regular Teeth Cleaning?

You simply relax in our dental chair during your preventive dental cleaning and allow our trained hygienist to clean and polish your teeth. Your hygienist will use special tools that gently but efficiently remove debris from your teeth. It is noninvasive, and you may even find it relaxing.

Is It Time for Your Checkup and Teeth Cleaning in Wilmington, DE?

After your exam and teeth cleaning, you can rest assured that you’ve done the right thing by your smile when you leave our dental office!

If you would like to schedule your preventive checkup and dental cleaning, reach out to a helpful staff member today. And always get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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