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3 Things You Should Know about Teeth Whitening

July 16, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS
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In Wilmington, DE, we know diversity and can appreciate differing points of view and values. But regardless of our differences, one thing we all share is the desire for a whiter smile. In a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the most common improvement people wanted for their smile was its shade of white. A similar study reports that 9 out of 10 people have explored teeth whitening.

This level of popularity has brought us a host of smile-brightening products. But the truth about teeth whitening is that all options are not created equal.

Your choices are unequal when you consider preparation, safety, and results. The team at Dr. Bruce Mathews, DDS, is happy to share three facts about teeth whitening that may impact your decision.

#1 Professional Whitening Treatments are Dentist-Monitored

Teeth whitening treatments work through a bleaching agent that breaks down surface stains in a chemical process so they are less prominent. When you choose professional teeth whitening at our Wilmington dental office, we can examine your teeth to ensure this treatment will be effective. We can also perform teeth cleaning so that the surface is as clean as possible when we begin.

#2 Our Whitening Systems Are Regulated, Store-bought Products Are Not

When you seek teeth whitening with your dentist, the techniques and products are FDA-studied and approved. This regulation ensures that our whitening gels are at the promised concentration without other dangerous compounds.

The whitening products you buy at the store don’t have this oversight, so you may not get the desired results. Some over-the-counter products may be excessively acidic and harmful to tooth enamel.

#3 Professional Whitening Treatments Fit Your Smile

We create custom whitening trays that fit your teeth perfectly when you choose the professional option. The snug fit of the tray ensures that our whitening compounds are held more evenly and closely to your tooth enamel. Combine this with our highly concentrated whitening products, and the results will be much better than other options.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Wilmington, DE

When you choose teeth whitening with your Wilmington, DE dentist, the process is fast, simple, and incredibly effective. Our treatment team will provide the information and details you need to make the best choice for teeth whitening. We encourage you to call us today.

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