Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS

Look at Those Pearly Whites!

November 25, 2013
Posted By: Brian Matthews
Teeth Whitening | Woman Smiling

Ever wonder how movie stars get those bright white smiles?  Sure, most of the brightness they get is just from regular checkups and cleanings, but what if you wanted to get that extra white smile?  There are certainly plenty of options to choose from and that's why we're here!  Whitening and bleaching can take many forms and can vary in the results.  Generally, teeth that are yellow will benefit greatly whereas teeth that are naturally more gray may not bleach well.  Whitening toothpastes are a great place to start, but will usually only remove surface stains on the tooth.  At home bleaching (Crest Whitestrips for example) will work better, however the adaptation of the strip to the tooth can be difficult to achieve completely and can result in spotty bleaching and sensitivity.  The best bet for natural teeth is a custom tray made from molds of your own teeth.  We use the Kor Whitenening system, which has been shown to have great results with less sensitivity.  Bonding and crowns won't bleach, which can change your treatment plan slightly.  But as always, we are here to help so feel free to come in or call with questions! 

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