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Safe and Effective Whitening Treatments

February 23, 2022
Posted By: Bruce E. Matthews, DDS, PA Team
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Our teeth may begin to stain and discolor with use and time, often leaving our smiles less than impressive. It is common for patients to want to improve the appearance of their smiles with whitening products.

You will find several options available as you search for ways to whiten your smile.

Available Professional Whitening Treatments

Professional in-office treatment is the most effective of the treatments available. Because a dental hygenist or dentist administers it, they can use stronger whitening agents that produce more dramatic results faster than the other options available.

The ADA considers professional whitening treatments safe, though they may cause tooth sensitivity afterward. Professional administration also ensures that the whiteners used on your teeth are safe,

Another great option is one of our take-home whitening kits. They come with a whitening tray for your teeth and can help you significantly whiten your teeth throughout the treatment process. They offer some of the power of our in-office whitening with the convenience of at-home use.

Some patients opt to use these in between in-office treatments to help keep their teeth bright white.

Over-the-Counter Options

You will also find whitening kits and stain removing toothpaste at your local grocery store. While some of these products are sometimes effective, we cannot recommend them as strongly. Stain removing toothpaste is only effective for removing surface stains and won't help you change the color of your teeth. They can also cause abrasions that damage the enamel.

The whitening kits available on the shelf are less concentrated than the whitening treatments available in the dental office and take longer to produce results.

Whitening kits use a wide array of whiteners that may not work for all problems, and some may be harmful to your enamel and gums. Improper use of at-home whitening kits can increase the risk.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Bruce E. Matthews, DDS PA proudly serves the Wilmington, DE area and its neighbors, providing expert general dentistry, including teeth cleaning and whitening. If you are looking for a whiter smile, contact us today to discuss the advantages of our whitening services.

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