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Before You Take Your Next Sip, Read This!

November 26, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS
Girl Drinking A Dark Soda | Drinks To Avoid For Teeth

If you are health-conscious, you probably take the time to learn which foods are most beneficial and which you should avoid.

But we have learned from significant research that what happens in your mouth has an impact on your body. When you have frequent decay or infection in your mouth, you increase your risk of heart and respiratory disease, diabetes, stroke, dementia, and pregnancy complications.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

If you want a completely healthy body, you first need to be proactive with your oral health by brushing, flossing and seeing the dentist for semi-annual visits. Then pay close attention to the foods and drinks you consume and how they affect your oral health. In particular, some beverages can stain and damage your teeth, and you may not be aware it’s happening until the damage is done.

Beverages You Should Avoid

Here are a few facts to help you make healthier drink choices:

Worried about stained teeth? Eliminate or cut back on coffee, dark teas, colas, and red wine, all of which can quickly leave stains on your teeth. The pigments in these beverages leave staining particles behind that quickly dull a healthy smile

Fruit juice sounds like a healthy alternative, so how can it be bad for your teeth? Most fruit juices pack a double whammy, so they are not only high in sugar, but they can also be highly acidic, which erodes dental enamel. If you still want to indulge, wait half an hour after consuming them to brush. This allows your mouth to restore its natural pH balance to avoid erosion of your dental enamel.

Hands down, your healthiest drink choice is water, especially fluoridated water. It keeps your body hydrated and also helps prevent dry mouth that can damage your oral health. Water also flushes away bacteria and food particles, which helps keep your teeth clean.

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