Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS

Toothbrush Information

March 8, 2013
Posted By: Bruce Matthews
an image of a tooth brush, dental mirror and flosser in a cup | wilmington de dentist
Just a quick word about toothbrushing and toothbrushes, which I know is everyone's favorite topic. Before you enjoy your weekend, remember to take a quick look at your toothbrush. If the bristles are frayed or if it's been 3-4 months since you've gotten a new brush, it might be time to replace it. And if you've been sick recently with a cold, flu, mouth infection or sore throat, toss that old brush and get a new one! Look for "soft bristles" and a smaller brush head so you can get to those hard-to-reach places. Try brushing in a gentle circling motion around the teeth and gums to help massage them to health and always remember to buy toothpaste with fluoride for strong, healthy teeth. We are here to help, so feel free to call, text, email, tweet, or post with any questions.
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