Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS

What are restorative dentistry procedures?

Restorative dentistry in Wilmington, DE, is any treatment designed to correct a tooth issue. It can be a broken tooth, a crack, a chip, a dental cavity, or a restorative crown following root canal treatment.

Your dentist may recommend dental bonding if you have a small chip or fractures. This is a way to seal the chip using a tooth-colored resin that doesn’t detract from your smile.

We use tooth-colored fillings to seal teeth after cavity treatment. It is the same composite resin you’ll find in dental bonding.

Composite resin is a malleable material that your dentist uses to sculpt or fill a tooth imperfection. In cavity treatment, we apply the resin in layers until it is even with your tooth. In both cases, we use a special light to harden the material.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap cemented over a treated tooth. This protective measure prevents the need for extraction when your tooth is weak or damaged.

Other possible restorations include Lumineers, especially for cosmetic tooth flaws, and dental crowns to cap your dental implant in Wilmington.

Contact Your Wilmington, DE, Cosmetic Dentist

If you have a broken, malformed, or flawed tooth, we encourage you to contact our dental office to arrange a consultation with the dentist. In many cases, you can also remove silver fillings in favor of our tooth-colored option.

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