Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS

What is an intra-oral camera?

Intra Oral Camera | Wilmington DE DentistAn intra-oral camera works like a tiny video camera with 25x magnification which we can use to zoom in on a specific tooth or area of your mouth. The high-quality images are displayed in real-time on a TV screen above your head so you can see exactly what we’re looking at.

How Big Is An Intra-Oral Camera?

The intra-oral camera is very small – about the size and shape of a dental mirror. Its built-in light source illuminates the area we’re looking at, making it easy for you to see the problems in great detail. You may be surprised that you can clearly see worn or deteriorating fillings, cavities and even deposits of plaque on your teeth.

We use the intra-oral camera to highlight existing problems and to show you areas of potential concern. This advanced technology lets you become part of the process since the visual representation allows you to see exactly what the problem is and why we choose a particular type of treatment.

Call Our Dental Office To Learn More

It’s important that you feel completely at ease and confident about your dental treatments. The intra-oral camera provides the information you need to be closely involved with your oral health care. In many cases, being informed will help to eliminate your anxiety about certain treatments. Call our Wilmington, DE dental office today to learn more and ask any and all questions you may have about intra-oral cameras. 

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