Dr. Bruce Matthews, DDS

Is teeth whitening safe?

Teeth whitening is a popular way to give your smile and update. However, a common concern that patients have when considering teeth whitening is if the procedure is safe for their teeth. The answer is - yes.

The Professional Teeth Whitening Process

Modern bleaching gels contain ingredients like hydrogen peroxide that are not only effective but also more comfortable for your teeth since they reduce sensitivity. 

A good rule of thumb if safety is a concern, however, is to choose professional teeth whitening in Wilmington with your dentist. Your dentist makes custom bleaching trays with impressions taken of your teeth. This protects your gums and soft tissues from any leakage of whitening gel, which could cause irritation.

Reducing Sensitivity from Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is also known for causing tooth sensitivity in the past. Choosing professional bleaching with your dentist allows them to help you if sensitivity should become a concern. Your dentist can recommend fluoride products that help reduce sensitivity after bleaching. They can also adjust the strength of your bleaching gel to suit your needs if sensitivity becomes a concern. 

Teeth Whitening in Wilmington DE

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